Young Adults, Not Youth

This Institute is the first of its kind. 

There are many organizations doing great work to directly serve the young adult population. But there was no organization to serve the ministers, pastoral leaders, and Catholic institutions that accompany them.

There are other organizations dedicated to excellent service of pastoral leaders in general and ministers who serve adolescents as well as the Hispanic/Latino population. There are a handful of organizations at the regional, local and cultural level to serve those who serve, but there were none at the national level.

There are some organizations who try to focus on building resourcing for both youth and young adult ministries, or focus on a specific stage of young adulthood such as college campus ministry, but there were none that have a singularity of purpose to serve all those who serve young adults - as well as the breadth of the young adult population.


Serving All Young Adults

What sets the National Institute on Ministry with Young Adults apart is our focus on:

  • Formation of those who currently or will do ministry with young adults, including solid catechesis and kerygmatic evangelization
  • Accompaniment of ministry leaders working with young adults and their ministries on the local level
  • Research and development in the expanding field of ministry with young adults 
  • Serving ministry leaders at the national level, co-responsibly with our bishops