The Institute has a dual mission – the first is to offer services dedicated to the formation and accompaniment of pastoral leaders who minister to and with young adults. The second is to further research and development of effective pastoral practices and innovative models of evangelization and ministry with all young adults of every cultural community, religious experience, and place in society.

To that end, Key Areas of Research and Study include, but are not limited to:

  • Young Adulthood (developmental, sociological, anthropological, and spiritual aspects)
  • Evangelization of the disaffected and disaffiliated through the “moments of return”
  • Intercultural and intergenerational competency, agility, and ministry with all cultural families
  • Care for the professional minister
  • Models of holiness and vocational discernment (including the universal call to holiness)



We sponsored research related to “care for the professional minister,” in collaboration with Ministry Training Source and a number of other organizations titled, “A Study of Pastoral Leaders Serving Young Catholics Examining Network Vulnerability Amidst a Web of Ministries.”

In 2022-23, one hundred and twenty-seven pastoral leaders from throughout the country serving in ministries with youth and young adults were interviewed by researchers about their experience. After listening to these younger ministry leaders and some older generations looking toward retirement horizons, it is apparent that a seismic shift has occurred in ministry, which is very different from the previous shifts. What do we mean? Ministry with young people and evangelization to the young will always be part of the church’s mission and will be guided by the Holy Spirit. As members of the Body of Christ, we are called to play a role in that mission and listen to the Spirit. As we look to the future, we see many of the structures we have in place from the past are falling apart. That is okay; everything has a shelf life, but what is being created to replace them? And who is even waking up to think about it? We hope this report allows all of us to begin a dialogue about the future of this vital ministry of our church. Through Christus Vivit (2019), Pope Francis indicates that part of this shift is a renewed focus on enabling faith communities to accompany young people in faith and life. But who will lead this effort on the church’s behalf?

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