From the very beginning, the National Institute has included Collaboration, Diversity, and Inclusion in our list of Core Values.

What does this mean to us?

  • It means that we seek to celebrate the intergenerational, intercultural, and experiential diversity of the entire Church, and to collaborate with, support, and complement the work of the Holy See and the bishops, as well as the efforts of parishes, dioceses, and ministerial organizations in areas connected to the Church’s work with and for young adults.
  • It means that we recognize and cherish the dignity of each individual regardless of age, culture, faith, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, language, physical, mental or emotional ability, immigration status, economic situation, or family composition.
  • It means that we celebrate all persons regardless of where they may be on their spiritual and religious journey: we value persons of all faith traditions, those with no faith tradition, as well as those who are questioning and exploring.
  • It means that we continually work toward implementing these values, and this commitment is shown in governance, admissions, hiring, communications, events, programs, curriculum, research, professional development, and all other efforts of the Institute.
  • It means we consciously and consistently seek to create an environment of respect, hospitality, and love in which all may thrive.
  • Our Catholic Christian faith forms the foundation of our core values. We strive to be a community that follows Jesus’ example, and we stand with all of Catholic Social Teaching, which upholds the sacredness of life, God-given dignity, and calls for equity and justice for all human beings.