A Baseball Pilgrimage

Here at the Institute we are committed to bringing you cutting-edge ministry ideas. So we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share this great new ministry with you. This summer two Franciscan friars have set out on a pilgrimage like no other. In just 11 weeks, they plan to visit all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums, meeting people where they are, to invite them to return home. Home to Jesus and his Church. They started in Miami on May 20 with the Marlins and they will finish up on July 30 with the Colorado Rockies. Along the way they will be saying Mass in select cities and giving talks in others. Don’t miss your chance to join them at a baseball stadium near you!

In 2013, two Franciscan friars, Fr. Casey Cole, OFM and Fr. Roberto “Tito” Serrano, OFM began to dream how in the modern world they might preach in the “city square” like St. Francis of Assisi did in his time. People didn’t gather in the streets like they did in the 13th century, but they gathered in big stadiums. As avid baseball fans, they came up with the idea of spending a summer visiting the homes of America’s pastime, inviting people “home” to the Church. Nine years later, this dream is hitting the road.

To see the complete schedule and to learn more about this innovative ministry visit them at www.breakinginthehabit.org